History of the Inn

old lylewood pictureThe home was built in 1892, this Greek revival style home has a history well before that time. The stone foundation and cellar go back to the early 1800’s. We do not have records of the date it was built, but we are still looking for information. However, we do know that the house once on this foundation was a log house, and we have quite a story to share with you about the demise of that home. It was intentionally burned down in 1890 by a former employee. Maj. Thomas W. Lewis was the homeowner at that time. He had acquired the home after the civil war when he married the only daughter to Adam and Matilda Dickson, the owners during the war. He spent two years rebuilding this home, and continued to operate the farm and made a good living doing so. Maj. Lewis was well known in these parts. He helped form two regiments during the civil war, the TN 14 Infantry Co. B and the KY 2nd Calvary Co. C with Col. Thomas Woodward. Maj. Lewis was promoted to Lt. Colonel but like to be called Maj. Lewis. He rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest on special missions and also with Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard.

He served on the House of Representatives for the state of Tennessee for several years in the 1880’s. He was very instrumental in passing laws to protect the farmers and rebuilding a southern nation after the remnants of war. During his time, the farm contained 1400 acres and had about 24 tenant houses. With one of the largest smoke houses in the county, and a large cistern house, this farm could support many families.

Over the years, changes have been made. The original porch stood grand with it’s two story, full view of the river and bottoms lands. This porch fell in the 1930’s and it sat without a porch for several years. In the 1950’s, Arch Lyle, grandson to Maj. Lewis and inherited homeowner, rebuilt the current porch.

Interior changes have also taken place over the years. However, with 18” solid brick exterior walls, and 14” solid brick interior walls, there isn’t really a lot you do to change most of the home. It was built to withstand the storms and last for a long time, and so far, it has. With a leap of faith and a labor of love, I purchased this home with all its imperfections in 2001, and named it the Lylewood Inn. Knowing the challenge ahead, I immediately began working. After a year of restoration, I decided it was time to share with others. It has been a true blessing to share the history through the many events held here. During the Fall Festival and Lights of Christmas Past the history is relived in a way you will not forget. My goal, along with my children is the share the history of this wonderful home. We feel we have been blessed and would like to share the blessing with you!Maj Lewis

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